June 27, 2010

the start of something new.

The most bipolar month of my life. .  . so far.

*Senior Breakout!
*Lost 6lbs and 6in. =]
*Been taking pictures galore for my mini biz
*Trek= amazing the end. Well minus the stomach flu and asthma attack. ha.
*Went on my first date since schools been out- YW date night
*I saw Avatar for the first time in my life..... personally, It's one of those see once and never have to see it again movies.
*One of my dearest friends Solomon passed away. I attended his funeral on Friday. beautiful. so spiritual. comforting closure. Here's a link to his obituary: http://obitsutah.com/obituary/507/solomon-jack-gardner.htm
*Went to the dentist. No cavities! I have never had one- yay me. They gave me an awesome purple kids toothbrush and I got my picture taken for the no-cavity club display board. (I'm definitely one of the oldest ones on there.
*Made a wedding slide show
*Had work yesterday. I love my job. build-a-bear is super swell. I stuffed a bear for little miss Rosie.
*Went to Taylorsville Dayzz fireworks and had the most amazing doughnuts! lol
*Heading out to Girls Camp tomorrow morning--I'm an assistant camp director. =]
*Start job hunting for a Snow college job this Friday.
*Oh! I finally get to start going to Summer Institute! been so busy...
Well there's the month of June and beginning of July in a nut shell for ya =]
*Stadium of Fire with Carrie Underwood on July 3rd.... oh yeah, I'm going!

Well- that's my summer in a nut shell thus far. =] Party people.

June 1, 2010

give me a G! give me a R! give me an A! give me a D! what does that spell????

So I totally graduate in a whopping 3 days!
I am thoroughly thrilled......

my epic senior wa-bam moment
by: McCall Allison Parrish
Many a-ha moments are found in seconds of a day where epiphanies come to you. Unfortunately or fortunate (you choose) for me, this is not the case. My a-ha moments come from huge wa-bam scenarios thrown in my face. Graduation is that wa-bam moment. I know, I know, but that hasn't happened yet fool! I guess the anticipation has been a punch in the face for how the reality of "real" life is coming up very fast. When I say real life, I don't speak of popularity and rank, I don't speak of cafeteria food, jocks, preps, nerds. No, I speak of responsibility and change of being "grown up." Where popularity no longer matters (ha. psh. like it ever did anyway). My wa-bam moment was realizing, heck, I'm finally getting to go after those dreams that my teachers have encouraged me to go for. Finally, it's time to take what I've learned to form a life that I've always imagined. I'm ready to show the world what I'm made of. Bring it on. WA-BAM!