April 29, 2010

spring freakin' fever

This is the satire that I wrote for the recent addition of the Warrior Ledger. Enjoy!

Spring Freakin' Fever
by: McCall Parrish

Ahhh choo! Bless you.
It’s that time of year again. The constant sound of sneezing, buzzing from the bees, coughing, and of course, the countdown to school's end. What time is it? Spring fever is its name. Though Utah is constantly teased as to what season it is, this contagious disease is still an issue that cannot and will not be ignored. There are many things that you should be aware of.

Top 5 scariest of scary about Spring Fever:
1. When you reach under your desk to get something and run your finger over what you think is just another wad of chewed student gum, be cautious. It could be another student's nasal discharge. Yuck! I wish I could let people in on one of my biggest secrets: there's this thing, I'm not sure if you've heard of it before, but well, it's called a tissue. I know it's new to the world, but you should try one out.
2. Let's not forget those who cough and sneeze without coverage. Lucky you, it's shower time! Bet you weren't expecting a face wash today.
3. The monster pile of homework your teachers so willingly share with you from your lack of attending school. I’ve made it this far, why waste my time graduating, right?
4.  The luteinizing hormones that come out to play. The luteinizing hormone effects the bodies levels of testosterone and estrogen. Causing, well, more kissing action in the hallways. This fills the minds of innocent souls with gruesome images of unnecessary mooching. Plan extra time between classes as you stop by your locker. You never know when there will be a couple tongue twisting right in front of it.
5.  Less focus causes for the lack to focus. I mean… I wasn’t focusing when I wrote that. Wait what were we talking about? What class is this? We have homework?!

These are but few of the many things to look out for. This epidemic is taking over the Taylorsville student body. We are now interested in an effective way to prevent this epidemic from infesting our hallways. Luckily, there are a few ways to avoid the madness.

TOP SECRET: 5 ways to avoid the consuming monster, spring fever:
1. For starters, I would like to introduce you to soap. It's this magical bar that bubbles in your hands and destroys bacteria and other unknown, "we don't want to know where that came from" like-specimens.
2. I know, school pretty much sucks at this point in the year, and trust me, you are not alone. Fortunately Spring Fever's support group meets every... no, I'm just kidding. But really, you can't blame it on the so called "sen10ritus." It's spring fever people! Push through it. If anything, work to graduate for the mere fact that you get to wear an awesome blue cloak like Harry Potter and a square hat. You even get to throw it into the air afterwards!
3. Control your hormones people. I know, I know, the whole saying of "Love is in the air." I have a secret for you.... this saying does not apply for humans under the age of 20. Sorry folks. No one wants to join in in the previewing of your affection for one another.
4. Blowing your nose is awesome. Picking your boogers and eating, rubbing them under your desk, or tasting them is thoroughly unappetizing and no one comes to school to be educated in you doing so.
5. There are only 6 weeks of school left. You're only age 16-18 once. Thank goodness.

April 16, 2010


Today was the Madrigal audition for next years Mads. 
insane how fast that year went by.
Congrats to all those who tried out, ya'll did amazing.
T is going to have a bit of a hard time picking i can tell ya that ;)

It's so strange how time just flies on by. -i'm not complaining.
this year i wouldn't exactly call my cup of tea.
Don't get me wrong-i love everything i'm involved in.
I guess i just feel like i'm trapped behind prison bars-called high school. 

I'm ready for new scenery.
i'm ready for new people.
i'm ready to find my cup of tea.
i'm ready to find the real me. 
i'm ready to be a newbie.

blooming sunset. by: McCall Parrish

April 14, 2010

what a beautiful day.

*it sucks being sick.

*it sucks when sells people won't go away. then make you feel bad about *it when you close the door.
*it sucks to have to take medicine that makes you drowsy and makes you feel weird.
*it sucks when you're watching iCarly or Sabrina the Teenage Witch and realize it's a repeat you've already seen five times.
*it sucks when you have no desire to go to school in fear of someones rude comment. (which seems to happen everyday.)
*it sucks when friends are only your friend when they need you.
*it sucks when my wireless internet doesn't work.
*it sucks when no one thinks your dry sense of humor is funny.
*it sucks when you have a fever of 103.
*it sucks, and is pretty sad, when you're already counting down the days to the end of high school.
*it sucks sometimes when your best friend is on the other side of the globe.
*it sucks when you want to talk, but no one seems to care. or they just pretend to listen.
*it sucks when you're in the middle of a text and your phone shuts off.
*it sucks when your "use to be" best friends take a different turn, and leave you. alone.
*it sucks to have bad days on such beautiful ones.
sometimes, life just... sucks.

April 13, 2010

a life lived, a lesson learned.

what is important in life?
your iPod?
your phone?
your computer?
changing peoples lives for good.
reaching out to serve others.
living life to its fullest.
What brought this subject to mind?
Kaitlyn Adams. 
At a young age of 16 Kaitlyn passed away after a 5 year battle of Cancer.
though I was only a casual friend to her, the amazing testimonies of what an amazing inspiration and example she was in the lives of others is enough for anyone to see the importance in life. 
This girl fought, she fought to do everything any girl her age did. and she did do everything and more girls her age did. what an inspiration and motivation for what life should be. 
we all should live like we're dying. 
By living life to it's fullest. 
thank you Kaitlyn for this lesson. for many, but especially for me. 
you kept fighting, I look up to you.
keep dancing in heaven darlin'
much love.

April 12, 2010

CTR...choir tour romance

My tour romance this year just so happened to be Buzz Lightyear!!!
My buddy Kim's was originally Quazie Moto, but he's ugly so she decided Woody would be her romance.
We had fun.
Though some friends were stupid and didn't talk to me the entire time, i decided i would just have the best time anyway. which as i think of it, i really did have the best time ever! Kim and Nate were my BF's on tour. 
i overcame my fears
i went on almost all the roller coasters at Disneyland!
i went on tower of terror! i am so afraid of heights.
overall i found out who my true friends are.
the people who are always your friend no matter what.
they'll always be
 no matter how life changes.
they will confront you when there is conflict, rather then rely on the roaming rumors.
they'll never leave you during hard times.
they will always except you for who you are.

April 2, 2010

Bells, Bottles, Buttons, Blogging, and Brevin

These are a few of my favorite things, when the dog bites...... oh wait, no time for singing. whoops.
THE 5 "B's"

#1 Bells- I've been collecting bells since I was 7, Dad use to bring me one home from every one of his business trips.

#2 Bottles- this one's new, every time there's some crazy looking bottle like for Coke or Sprite, I get them and line them on a shelve in my room.

#3 Buttons- I love them! I make magnetic buttons, I make jewelry out of my buttons. And just recently I inherited my grandmothers stash of buttons. 

#4 Blogging- As you can see I have become quite fond of blogging. I like to pretend people actually read my blog. lol

#5 Brevin- mi amor. I love this boy, he's on a mission, I love receiving letters. They're the best.