March 24, 2010

a life time in heaven

this is a short story i wrote for my creative writing class, enjoy.

A Life Time in Heaven
In memory of Golda Criddle Parrish
December 22, 1919 - February 15, 2010
"Time of death, 12:31 pm"

    Her eyes slowly open from the constant beeping of the heart monitor inches away from her bed. On multiple occasions she'd been likened to a cat. She had nine lives, quite literally. Her frail bony hands lye across her abdomen as the morphine sets in. Sagging skin upon her face relaxes as she sets into a deep dream. 
    It's 1940.
    Maelie Asa Price elegantly sits with her pale skin resting upon her small hands. Skin glistening as though an angel, her blue eyes transfixed upon a book of study. She rests contemplating her life. Clothes nicely ironed, her brown locks neatly curled, food on the table. Who would ever guess this was a depression. Life was good to her. Life was fair. Life was whole.
    At an age of 24, Bernard Alfred Carter packs. Upon closing his suit case, his skinny hands shake as he gently places a photograph of his lover and him on the Ferris wheel at the state carnival upon his possessions. Deployment to Vietnam. His mother and siblings with their ragged clothes, toe-head blond hair, dirty faces and watered eyes, stand on the front porch of their humble home and wave good bye, in hope to meet again. Smelling the crisp cool air of the morning, with grass of dew, he sets off in his buggy unsure of the future. Before his departure he stops by the eloquent home of Maelie. Hearts pound as they hold each other close, the blue eyed tears were enough to wet a dry barren desert. Bernard remarks, "It will be alright, I promise." Gently kisses his lover's lips, then departs without a word. 
    Waking up again to the smell of mashed potatoes and green jello, her children in the room conversing one with another, she opens her eyes to see her grandchildren at her side. Grasping her hand, their tears wet her bed. Gently, a smile forms vaguely across her face. She slowly fades out, dreaming again.
    Sweat droplets running down her face. Long deep breaths. Suddenly the sound of crying fills the room. "We'll name her Darla." Maelie says taking a sigh of relief.  Married for seven years now, Bernard and Maelie Carter sit rocking their new born child in their arms, lulling her to sleep. Following this beautiful baby girl, came six more children. Three girls, four boys.
    The dream continues.
    1985. Tears flood. Grandchildren in arms, Bernard lays the last rose upon the casket. "Who would have ever imagined we'd outlive our child?" Bernard remarks. Maelie whispers over and over again as the limo ride departs back to the service, "Oh my Darla."
   Awaking once more, a tear forms in her eye. Her youngest child watches his mother mouth "Bernard" multiple times, as though in a trance. Her heart monitor begins to fade out minute by minute.
    Rain beats against the window, the constant ringing of the old wooden clock resounds. She holds Bernard's hand with all her might, shaking with tears in her eyes. Their children fill the room. He had survived his cancer for 6 years now. Gently she leans down to kiss his forehead, whispering in her ear he says, "It will be alright, I promise." A wave of calmness fills the room as Bernard takes his last breath and slips away peacefully.
    Alone, in a dark room of dreams, Maelie recalls all 15 years without her sweetheart. Though, never seeming that long. Thriving on the love of her family, enjoying deep meaningful conversation with her children, sharing stories with her grandchildren and giving her famous bear hugs to great-grandchildren was enough to keep her alive this long. 
    Her oxygen now removed, six children now became seven, joined by Darla. The veil between heaven and earth now thin. The room becomes a blur, as though special effects in a movie, a flash of light strikes, Maelie Asa Price Carter, slips away. 
    Where am I? Looking around, she sees Bernard appear next to her. Jokingly, he whispers in her ear, "I told you it would be alright." "What a life time in heaven." Maelie says leaning her head upon Bernard's shoulder as they watch the sunset from the top of the Ferris wheel.

"Time of death, 12:31 pm"

future tweets

things i find myself looking forward to:

*seminary tomorrow
*distribution of our school newspaper
*writing my poetry book for english
*coloring my hair
*reading my Book of Mormon -catching up (march madness)
*getting a manicure with mommy on friday 
*macaroni grill
*choir tour...disneyland! 
*baby mad auditions and initiation
*state solo ensemble- women mads
*state madrigals
*sending out graduation announcements
*graduating high school
*college (Snow)
*snow swim team
*a job would be nice
*being able to apply what i've learned in financial lit to real life
*a summer tan
*a skinny mcCall
*august 5th 2011-brevin comes home
*going on a mission
*getting married in the salt lake temple
*having mini mcCalls
*the second coming
*seeing gramy and grandpa parrish and grandpa phillips again
*creating my own world

March 19, 2010

breaking free

I'm breaking free
from the expectations of the world
I'm breaking free
from others looking down on what i do
I know what i know is right. 
Deal with it. 
I'm breaking free
In search for a passion
Something i can live with everyday
And never regret one single moment. 
I don't have to answer to anyone
No one is going to tell me who i should be
No more bossing me around
and me just taking it. 
Don't judge me
Trust me, you really don't know me. 
I'm breaking free.

March 14, 2010


we wrote poems in my creative writing class, where we went through and took chunks out of a bunch of famous poems. Then we got to break them down to somehow make sense, by deleting and adding words. So, after breaking it down, this is what i ended up with. I feel that this poem reflects the life of someone battling depression


Copies of a blank page
nothing precise
burning rotted memories
of nothing

Bitter perspectives from machines
of black landscapes
like silhouettes
of nothing

Shy flowers
count the world
for death
perhaps hoping for nothing

Color smiles brilliantly
in hope
for art
on the empty canvas
of nothing

Playing terrible
in an obsolete choir
with the loud silence
of nothing

Bridges fall
bridges burn
sly awe doest thirst
the dawn
filled by the morning dew of nothing

Rowing monstrously 
through baron lands
of the sea
of nothing

lush states 
sulking in pain
in the drowning ocean
of nothing 

March 13, 2010


This picture is pretty much the definition of how I feel. I am so ready to be done with high school, i'm going through that stage where I feel more grown up than my friends, so we don't exactly see eye to eye on things. 
It's lame.
Don't get me wrong, I love to be silly and crazy, but I realize when it's not the time to be. 

I'm ready to be a grown up (well in a sense) while my peers just want to party and be annoying "high school kids." [ya know, the kind that talk really loud in public, to see if people look (they don't realize that people think they're idiots.)]
I feel like I've been in high school for an eternity! It's like I should be graduating in 2020- well it's felt that long! 
Why don't I like high school? I don't know, maybe it's just one of those days, or maybe I have a brain. and like to use it. ha.
I would pay you $20 to graduate for me! any takers?? ha-ha. 
Okay, I guess i'll have to survive my last 3 months.... Wish me luck.

March 6, 2010

the case of the infomercials .dun.dun.dun.

Yup it's 4:00 (AM
I'm still awake, being thoroughly amused by wonderful late night infomercials.
I categorized them into a few groups (I have nothing better to do- quite literally):
    *Weight Loss-anything to make a couch potato look thinner
  *Utilities-food processors,carpet cleaners, OXYCLEAN!, etc.
   *Cosmetics-anything to make already beautiful women look like Barbie Dolls.

Let me tell you how I just love watching some dude running potatoes through a slicer 20 times  plus to prove that his machine slices potatoes, without any effort of taking a knife and a good 5 min to slice them. But no, us lazy people insist on the potato slicer that takes only a minute! Yay you! You just saved 4 min that you could be spending sitting on your butt watching  more infomercials. Good for you!

One day, I plan on purchasing an "as seen on TV" item. Just so I can say that it too has changed my life as I tear up for the camera. "this potato slicer really works! It has changed my life and has made me realize how much time I waste on slicing potatoes by hand when I could be maxing out my credit card on other products from infomercials!" 
(sarcasm-just in case you didn't catch that)

If it were up to me Who's Line is it Anyway would be on all night long, for those 18 year olds, such as myself, to remain amused when dealing with the "I drank coca cola way too late" nights (I can't handle caffeine past the hour of 7pm. not kidding.)

I mean infomercials are amusing....but why must they play them all night?! Especially the same one on 6 channels over and over again. At least switch it up!

This, my friends, is the case of the infomercials..... DUN DUN DUN! (And the lack of sleep)