February 9, 2015

blog post of the anniversary variety

Today is our 3rd anniversary! ! 
Can you believe it?!
The time sure does fly when you fall in mutual weirdness... or love, whatever.
We've been married for 3 years and together for 7 years. 

So let us throw it back for a minute.

Here's a picture of our adorable selfs on our first date. 
Sweethearts Ball 2008

Spontaneous 2008

Sweetheart Ball 2009

Prom 2009

Here are pictures of the Brevster leaving then coming back from his mission.

Here's when we got engaged!

Here are a couple engagement pictures.

Here are some of our favorite wedding pictures.

Even better....
Here's our wedding day video!

more wedding awesomeness HERE

our love story HERE

Sigh... we're awesome. 
I love us. 

Anyway...now for the updates on life:

To start I want to make a HUGE shout out to my sweet hubby for passing his life insurance exam and becoming licensed to sell policies and do pre-needs. He's so cool. 

We decorated our door all cutsie for Valentines and our anniversary of course!
Really loving having our own porch for a change.

We got to babysit the cuteness of the Stella variety! 
We colored, we ate snacks, she fed the dogs way too many snacks, and we went to Hires. 
I got to play mommy for the night as she ate everything from my food and drank my drink. lol 
She's the best.

this picture.. hahaha

Every time we go to visit our folks we almost always see my Grandma cruising in her jazzy down 47th. 
So funny.

Mini, well not so mini any more, Rico got his Eagle Scout Award
and might I add, Grandma's hair looks fab.

We then tagged along with Rico of the Lincoln variety and his wifey and had ourselves a fun 3 amigos and spouses reunion. So fun to catch up.

We have a new church calling! Nursery Leaders! Seriously the best calling in the church. We get to play with toys for the first hour, have snack, singing time, shortest lesson ever, then blow bubbles as they run around screaming in joy. 

This is Brevin's buddy.


Been back on my crafty game lately. Here's some fun crafts I've done for my
Whatcha-McCall-it blog and shop

Shout out to my bro Jameson who cut up a bunch of wood for me to make the rings and necklaces in the picture above. 

We woke up like this.

We went to our first ever super bowl (not bowel) party!
None of us really cared who won, it really was just a fun excuse to get together and catch up with good friends.

The after bath effect...

Brevin dropped me off at the front runner for an appointment in Salt Lake the next day. The front runner is so cool! My dad picked me up in Salt Lake and spoiled me to Cheesecake factory.
Love me a good daddy daughter date. 

Brevin has been quite a gem surprising me with fresh flowers on my table all month long. 
and no, they're not leftover funeral flowers they indeed were bought at the store.
brownie points.

Good news, Brevin's favorite drink of all drinks is now not only at the 7-11 by Grandma's house... it's at the 7-11 two minutes away from us. 

We had family night with Jeff, MaryAnn and Liam of the Clifford variety yesterday, it was great catching up with them and playing like the coolest game ever. And of course cuddling this lil dude.

Tonight we are going to Maddox! Yum!

January 23, 2015

we interrupt life for a blog post....

Well this is embarrassing.....
Happy Birthday to me.
Happy Birthday to like 6+ family members.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year! 

yep it's been that long. 
We are about to blow your mind with the longest of posts we've had. 

-To start, let's take a minute to admire Brevin's hearse collection and how it's grown by about 5 this last month. 

-Brevin was an amazing sport who joined me at the Pinner's conference this last November at the Expo. It was a lot of fun! Well for me at least....ha. We went to Apollo Burger after so that's pretty even pay back.

-We went to a banquet. Brevin's work bought a table for the Weber State Athletic Auction. 
Fanciness McGee. 
Yes we bid for stuff and won because we're that classy.

-We had a tree this year! It's a fun thing called shopping in mom and dad's basement for their old tree. lol. Yet another perk of being 9 hours closer. We made lots of decorations and ornaments for our first year of having an actual tree taller than 1.5 ft. And when I say "we" I mean Brevin made 2 things and I made 20.
-I made felt ornaments of my pups!

-Took all of my beads and made a tree garland.

Yes the dogs get their own stockings....

-We went on a date to Nicklecade. Holy lame. lol. 
It was fun because ya know it's us, but it got old. We won a bunch of dollar store stuff though! 




Santa Paws left some amazingly cute coats for the pups at Grandma's house. 

-I played Molly my violin.... she was amazed. I'm getting pretty good at it if I do say so myself.


-Brevin has a new obsession.... it's name is Cherry Pepsi Max. Only found at the 7-11 by Grandma's house. 

-I turned 23. Party people!
 I can now.... take 3 months to update our blog. lol. 
I'll try to do better. 

-My parentals took us to Hunger games and to dinner.
Brevin spoiled me with the biggest bag I've ever received on my birthday. lol 
Lots of fun surprises from everyone. 

- Igore turned 17.
this picture says it all.


-Leavitt's Funeral Home had a service of remembrance where each scroll on the tree represented a love one lost that year.They put luminaries up throughout the entire cemetery. It was awesome taking a hay ride with my folks. 

-My brother JP and his family surprised us for Thanksgiving! I had absolutely no idea they were coming, it was so fun to see them! So, but of course... we took pictures!!
Then, even better, they came back for Christmas!!!

I had a fun time designing our Christmas card. 

-Gabby loves her Brevin.

 I had a great time drawing a snow man as Gabby copied. So talented for her cute 5 year old self. 

Love little miss Aleya. 


 Stella coloring Gabby's hair. These two are so cute together. 

they even put on a show for us!

-We went to Kristine's choir concert at the tabernacle downtown. It was a lot of fun with wonderful music, It was great minus the traffic between 2 choir concerts, a symphony, and a Jazz game all in one night.
 Holy crap.

-I had a blast taking maternity photos for the Jeff and the MaryAnn of the Clifford variety. 
They are so cute and photogentic, it kills me.

-More concerts in December....

Madrigal concert at parent's ward party. Still can't believe this was me 5 years ago. 

Mom's Sterling Singers concert.

Ian's Taylorsville Christmas concert

My mom's 6th grade kiddo's concert singing "Shake the box"

Tis the season to sing and sing and sing and sing. 

clearly we are still so stoked that this little nugget live so close. 
We get to babysit her tomorrow!!!

-We went to El Matador for dinner on Christmas Eve. Brevin was in heaven. Clearly. 

-We had a very fun gift exchange with both families and love all the stuff we recieved. 

We were so excited about Christmas pajamss that we went and treated ourselves to some New Years PJs.

celebrate the small things folks. 

-We Skyped the Paxton of the Elder Clifford variety on Christmas... well more like listened, 3 way is a bit tricky. So instead of a picture of him on Skype here's a picture of us. lol

-Check out some of the fun DIY Christmas presents I made this year. 

-Brevin found my nickname in the Mausoleum. Not sure if that's a compliment or not. 

-Holla at these amazing gas prices! It's like 1999 again!

-Brevin loves and I mean LOVES craft shopping with me. 
He always enjoys himself in the kid section. 

-I made over my great grandma's old chairs! 


Meet Liam Gordon Clifford! How sweet is this little man?! 
We had a super fun time meeting him a couple days after his birth and spending time with his mommy.

-We decorated for Valentines.... then took the tree down. lol. 
We're kind of behind on stuff. 

-We also added some decor to our kitchen. My brother gave me the camera! I love it!
and the red sign sums me up too well. 

and last but not least. Here are some pictures of Brevin's trip to Cortez, CO with his miniature for a graveside. With a stiff in the back seat in a gorgeous pine box. 

This is some edgy graffiti man....

Before I go.....
Let me take an embalming selfie.

Don't die.

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